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My Approach




I’m a qualified Level 2 UCI coach, and as such have a wealth of knowledge and experience to call on to help you through your cycling journey.  Be it with technical ability or technique, I can help you.  I specialize in Skill Development, and I start with Technique.  Technique is the foundation of our sport, and without great basic technique,  all the other skills will be performed poorly.

I do one on one skills sessions and also groups.  One on one sessions are simply the best way for you to learn, you get my undivided attention and time.  I use technologies such as video capture slow motion to give you instant feedback, which is so important when making a correction.  As an experienced mountain biker, I have an exact understanding of the physical demands of cycling and I can use this experience to help explain and more importantly demonstrate the correct technique.

I also do training and write programs to help you achieve your cycling goals.  Using TrainingPeaks software and WKO4, I can track your performance and make changes to your program which I update via the Coaching Software online.  Your account gets updated on your side and you receive email notifications at your requested time to plan your day/week of training ahead.

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